Welcome to the ESL Excellence Institute. We are glad to have you.  Thank you for visiting. Please look around,  enjoy, and grab a course! 

The ESL Excellence Institute is an exemplary, research based, online education service provider.  We are teaching English as a second language to non English speaking students and  teaching Spanish to English speaking populations.  Additionally, we offer teacher training courses for language teachers and self education courses to arm people with consumer protection knowledge. EDUCATION POWERFUL WEAPON 2

The ESL Excellence Institute is offering education services to the online  community.  We  seek to work towards the day where education is prioritized and valued by all. The  online courses are private, live, and taught  by professional, passionate, and competent instructors. Currently, we offer the below services and online courses 24/7 : 

  3. ESL Level 5-6
  4. ESL Reading/Writing Workshop  
  5. ESL Conversation- Customized Instruction
  6. Spanish for Educators
  7. ESL Teacher Training and Curriculum DevelopmentSPANISH SMALL FRAME
  8. Basic Beginning Spanish
  9. Citizenship– Customized
  10. Homework help for grades 6-12- Customized
  11. Legal Document Preparation
  12. Business Letter Writingself ed angel
  13. Debt Collection Consumer Protection Laws
  14. Proofreading
  15. Adult Education: Free  Constitution Law Classes, Go to the Education Tab on the    website.

 The ESL Excellence Institute prepares non-native English speakers to succeed in undergraduate or graduate studies at an American university. Students who enroll in our program take intensive classes in Listening/Speaking, Writing/Grammar and Reading.

We are a private entity. However, a unique and important feature of the ESL Excellence Institute’s language courses,  is that the courses are aligned with the United States Department of Education goals, specifically:

  • Title I: Improving Academic Achievement SEC. 1001
  • Title IId: Enhancing Education Through Technology
  • Title III: Language Instruction for Limited English Proficient and Immigrant Students SEC. 3102
  • Title V: Innovative Programs

Consequently, we are available to contract our language services with education institutions. The ESL Excellence Institute  has been designed primarily for the limited English proficient student who is educated in his or her native language and simply seeks to transfer his or her expertise to the English language. The targeted audience includes doctors, lawyers, taxi drivers, cashiers, accountants, teachers, college, high school and or junior high school students.

The Spanish as a second language courses have been added to accommodate
the many people seeking basic Spanish skills. A special  Spanish for Educators course  has been designed for school personnel.  SPANISH 4 ED FINALE


 The ESL  intermediate level  and the more advanced courses have been designed for ESL students who can communicate somewhat fluently in English, but demonstrate fragile, conversation, pronunciation, grammar, reading and writing skills. These students have a limited vocabulary and grasp of English concepts. Consequently, the ESL upper courses have been designed  to address these issues.  The conversation classes are desGOLD ESLigned to improve linguistic competence in speaking English because of the students’ inability to speak, read, or write without numerous errors in English grammar and usage.

Please click the course tab to read the course descriptions. The ESL courses recognize that the mistakes made are usually not those of a native speaker of English, but of someone experiencing a great deal of interference from another language system.

Consequently, the lessons are modified to meet the needs of ESL students at varying levels. The instructional strategies focus on dealing with language interference as opposed to native remedial instruction. The classes are one on one, group based and or customized. The students decide. The instructional sessions are  hour or longer.

The ESL Excellence Institute is distinctive because of its flexible scheduling, commitment to education excellence,  passion for teaching and learning, customized instruction and implementation.  Services are available daytime, evening, and weekends throughout the year. Courses are scheduled during these times to accommodate the schedules of all. Courses are held in state of the art online conference rooms

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The ESL Excellence Institute guarantees:

  • a warm, friendly, low pressure, private, online learning environment,
  • individual and small group instruction from caring and subject matter competent professionals,
  • customized and  well-designed lessons and flexible schedules that match student needs, goals and life style, 
  • that each student will succeed in his or her learning endeavors,

The intake procedure includes registration, assessment, needs analysis and taking a class. We look forward to interesting and fun classes while students and educators learn. We guarantee that all paid for classes will be completed according to the customization and learning contract. Take a flyer here and enjoy  a class! Sign up NOW!

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Finally, The ESL Excellence Institute educators hold Master’s degrees in education administration, TESOL education and are NYS  licensed and certified language professionals.  We are prepared to teach the literate and the non literate equally.  The Chief Executive Officer’s profile is below with  multiple online commendations. Try a class today!


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The Chief Executive Officer is Professor Snyder.  She is a language Professor and humanitarian. You can see her education accomplishments on the below links.

Professor Snyder, MSED TESOL, SDA , Education Administration






Email: eslexcellence@aol.com or eslexcellence@gmail.com

Phone: 929 312 9411 


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