Trial Live Private Class: ESL Advanced Level Online Course Anytime and Anywhere


All classes are led by NYS licensed, certified and experienced TESOL instructors. This class is designed for ESL students who can communicate somewhat fluently in English, but demonstrate fragile, conversation, pronunciation, grammar, reading and writing skills. 

These students have a limited vocabulary and grasp of English concepts. The conversation classes are designed to improve linguistic competence in English because of the students’ inability to speak, read, or write without numerous errors in English grammar and usage.

This course recognizes that the mistakes made are usually not those of a native speaker of English, but of someone experiencing a great deal of interference from another language system.

Consequently, the lessons are modified to meet the needs of ESL students at varying intermediate/advanced levels. The instructional strategies are focused on dealing with another language interference as opposed to native language remediation.

Native language and English dictionaries are readily available in the virtual classroom to facilitate vocabulary development. Students pick a subject, bring homework or the instructor decides on the topic based on student needs.This is a student and instructor customized ESL class. 

This is a private class where the student gets the attention needed to become the best person he/she was created to be.

This trial course is only offered with one or more of the other ESL courses advertised. One trial course per person. 

Learners will:

  • Understand and use correctly advanced level words,
  • Learners will develop strategies for improved writing and vocabulary comprehension: review of  prepositions, modals, and example argumentative essays,
  • Learners will learn how to read and write an argumentative essay with a focus on controlling tone with modals,
  • Learners will use reading, writing, listening and thinking skills for critical analysis and evaluation of the writing process,
  • Learners will improve ability to understand the writing process with emphasis on argumentative essays,
  • Learners will improve writing skills necessary to function in an English setting,
  • Learners will demonstrate an understanding of the organizational patterns of effective essay writing,
  • Learners will develop cross cultural skills: familiarize themselves with historical holidays,
  • Derive information from vocabulary and writing exercises,
  • Use commas, articles, prepositions and modals to facilitate argumentative essay writing,
  • Understand counter argument, refutation and propaganda,
  • Apply reading, writing, speaking and listening skills for critical analysis and evaluation of argumentative essays,
  • Distinguish between persuasive and argumentative essays,
  • Demonstrate skill in interpretive and critical writing, as well as analytical proficiency,
  • Demonstrate mastery of the skills and competencies by utilizing critical thinking and inferential skills in answering grammar and vocabulary questions, as well as writing effective argumentative essays as follow up assignments,


US History and government,


Interviewing for jobs,

Presenting reports,

Essay writing,


Subject verb agreement,

Verb tense review,


Supposed to and used to

Opposites from prefixes,

Should and ought to,

Abbreviated clauses with too, so, either and auxiliary verbs

Gerunds and Infinitives

Conditional tenses

Noun and adjective forms,

Idiomatic Expressions

Much More!

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