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All ESL classes are led by NYS licensed, certified and experienced TESOL instructors.The ESL courses have  been designed for English language learners who can communicate fluently in English but with such limited vocabulary, reading and writing skills that they cannot function successfully in mainstream English instruction and or work environments.

Consequently, these lessons focus on reading, writing, listening, and speaking, as well as the content areas of ESL. This includes US history and government, science, math, citizenship, and more. The lessons emphasize the integration of the above areas as well as the assimilation of critical reading ability, public speaking skills, vocabulary development, and writing. 

The ESL Reading/Writing course goals and objectives are as follows: 

  • Enhance the reading and writing development process of limited English speakers,
  • Develop whole language level appropriate reading lessons featuring multicultural topics of contemporary importance,
  • Refine and reinforce reading and writing skills acquired at earlier stages,
  • Facilitate the transition from learning -to-read to reading to learn,
  • Develop critical reading skills to the development of reasoning and study skills,
  • Provide effective instruction on areas of weakness identified by standardized reading and English tests,
  • Develop effective test taking skills,
  • Integrate the teaching of language skills with subject matter content,
  • Develop content based ESL reading and writing lessons,
  • Develop vocabulary skills necessary to effectively function in content area classes,
  • Expand range of vocabulary through root and affix analysis of words, context and use of the dictionary,
  • Introduce literary selections of increased difficulty,


  • Identify common and irregular prefixes and suffixes
  • Identify homonyms and homophones by context
  • Recognize and understand complex content area words
  • Recognize and understand the importance of position of words in determining the exact meaning of a sentence,
  • Identify words according to categories in sentences,
  • Comprehend common idiomatic expressions
  • Identify synonyms and antonyms,
  • Associate words by reasoning,
  • Identify cause and effect relationships,
  • Comprehend new vocabulary and concepts in context,
  • Comprehend the main idea, problem or issue posed in a passage,
  • Make analogies in reasoning from supporting evidence,
  • Read selections of increased difficulty for recreational and study purposes,
  • Draw conclusions from facts and supporting evidence,
  • Undertake controlled reading selections independently,
  • Recognize and understand the sequence of ideas,
  • Read selections that are relevant to and representative of student cultures, content area classes, and or jobs.


  • Students will be able to write sentences demonstrating grammatical appropriateness,
  • Students will be able to write coherent paragraphs and compositions,
  •  Students will write letters, reports and other short compositions with specific purposes,
  • Students will develop overall language skills and will be introduced to increasingly advanced skills in the areas of spelling, mechanics and language usage,
  • Students will write about ideas drawn from history, science, mathematics, or any educational field,CULTURAL GOALSCompare and contrast the native culture with that of   the United States expressions of cultures through:
  • Holidays
  • History (events, biographies)
  • Songs, music, dance
  • Literature, and art forms


  • Read and follow directions
  • Locate specific information in newspapers,Magazines and journals
  • Understand quantitative relationships on graphs, charts and tables
  • Evaluate and rephrase information found in reference Materials

Finally, these lessons were created to teach techniques that build students’ use of literal, inferential, and critical thinking skills. This is a trial course and must be bought with one of the package deals below. There is only one trial course per person.  The students dictate their needs for this course creation based on the services offered.

ESL Reading Writing Workshop sample course outline


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