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This course is designed for  new secondary and or college level ESL educators . This course will help educators serve Limited English proficient students more effectively. This class will leave teachers armed with ESL administrative, program development, and curriculum knowledge to implement an effective program. English as a second language

Topics to be discussed and documents to be disseminated include the following: 

ESL curriculum development: beginning, intermediate, advanced and transitional levels

ESL Compliance Report Writing

ESL Program Description Writing

ESL Placement and groupings

ESL Content Instruction

ESL Lesson Planning

ESL Standards Alignment and Curriculum Development

ESL Authentic  Methodologies

ESL Course Descriptions and Expectations

ESL Book lists

NYS  K-12 ESL Screening, Identification, Placement, Review, And Exit Criteria

ESL Assessment Reviews

Educators will learn how to:

Incorporate the above selected topics in an effective ESL program

Design high interest multicultural instructional programs

Develop Course Evaluations

Develop new perspectives about America’s cultural diversity and build the self-esteem of students

Increase knowledge and understanding of the culture of the
people of the United States through exposure to its customs, traditions, institutions, and values

Compare and contrast the native culture with that of the United States expressions of cultures through:

A. Holidays

B. History (events, biographies)

C. Songs, music, dance

D. Literature, and art forms 

Educators will leave the course with exhibits that can be attached to an ESL program description, compliance report, observation or evaluation. 

Additionally,  the below topics will be analysed and reviewed for its impact on ESL/ELL education.

 Learning Standards of New York State

Resources for Language Lovers:  

Educators interested in an ESL/TESOL Certificate, please see: 



Literary Terms & Devices for Language Arts in English and Spanish


Key Terms Used to Describe Practices Related to Education in New York State in English and Spanish

Literary Terms & Devices for Language Arts in English and French

Literary Terms & Devices for Language Arts in English and Simplified Chinese

Literary Terms & Devices for Language Arts in English and Traditional Chinese

Must read:  Analysis: Substantive and Procedural Due Process Rights of Educators

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Teacher Created Resources for the Language Classroom

Hispanic Heritage Intermediate/Advanced Level Vocabulary Games

Spanish Speaking Countries Student Activities and Teacher Resources

The ESL Intermediate Level Reading/Writing Course Description, Booklist, Assessments, Curriculum Guide, and Instructional Plans







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